The Mentorship Program:


2018 Pilot program

The first Climate Guides mentorship cohort was a 4-month pilot program, from early April to the end of July. Ten mentees, between 18 and 30 in age, were paired with a mentor that is a leader in the mentee’s area of interest. The experience and passions of our mentorship pairs varied greatly, including fields like renewable energy, plastic pollution, climate communication, city planning, biodiversity, and health, to name a few.

Mentees in the program participated in regular calls with their mentor as they developed and built a project related to their field of interest that connects to climate in some way. Each mentee was provided with $1,000 in seed funding to assist in getting their project off the ground. The Climate Guides team provided additional support as well, by hosting skill development workshops for mentees and by scheduling check-in calls for both mentees and mentors to track progress and address any challenges participants were facing.

At the end of the program, mentees had the opportunity to showcase their projects and experiences to the public during a sold-out wrap up event. It was a true showcase of youth leadership.

2019 program

Mentorship will continue to be one of our key tools for supporting youth engagement in climate action. However, after evaluating the successes and shortcomings of our pilot program we have made some changes to our mentorship curriculum. In 2019, each mentorship cohort will be made up of three to five teams of mentees, with each team centered around a different theme related to climate change. Each team will have one to two mentors, and teams will collaborate to develop and implement a project based on their theme together.

We anticipate this new model to better facilitate community-building, reduce some of the burden on mentees to shoulder a project, and allow for stronger projects as a result.


timeline 2019


Late February


Early April

Early May

Early July

Applications open for mentees.

Deadline for all applications.  

Selection of participating mentees and mentors

Program kick-off

Program wrap-up



Our mission is to guide a narrative of hope and opportunity, rather than doom-and-gloom about climate change. Climate Guides connects youth and mentors in fields of conservation, energy, food systems, marine science, communication, policy, and waste, among others. In turn, the intergenerational community champions adaptation, mitigation and awareness-oriented solutions. Our generation of climate leaders is making tangible impacts. We built a platform to support them.