Our Program


Our 4-month mentorship program kicks off with a one-day summit on April 7th in Vancouver. Mentees under 30 years old and mentors are matched for personal and professional development in diverse fields. Climate Guides mentors will be scientists, business leaders, policy makers, activists, politicians, authors and more. The mentees are emerging leaders in climate change work.

After the summit, each partnership will create a project addressing climate change with tangible solutions. Whether a coastal conservation initiative, a renewable energy model or a piece of climate change communication, the project possibilities are endless! Climate Guides offers mentorship, financial support, skills development and a professional network. 


timeline 2018


January 22nd

February 25th

February 24th

March 1st

April 7th

July 31st

Applications open for mentees.

Deadline for all applications.  

Launch of advisory board.

 Selection of participating mentee and mentors.

 Climate Guides Summit.

 Finale of first Climate Guides mentorship program.

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Our mission is to guide a narrative of hope and opportunity, rather than doom-and-gloom about climate change. Climate Guides connects youth and mentors in fields of conservation, energy, food systems, marine science, communication, policy, and waste, among others. In turn, these pairs champion adaptation, mitigation and awareness-oriented solutions. Our generation of climate leaders is making tangible impacts. We built a platform to support them.