April 2019

Co-Director Marina wrote an op-ed for the Montreal Gazette about youth, nature, and nature-based solutions for climate change in the lead up to the Nature Champions Summit Canada hosted.

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"december 2018

Our Co-Director Marina spoke to eight radio shows across Canada! Marina shared the views of nearly 300 BC youth consulted by the BC Council for International Cooperation Youth Delegation and during our Idea Jams in lead-up to COP24.

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JuLy 2018

" Climate Guides’ vision is to contribute to a positive narrative on tackling climate change by fostering partnerships that generate optimistic solutions to benefit our community and our planet." - The Starfish Canada

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April 2018

“When people start to get involved in this work, they encourage other people to become engaged, wanting to be a connector – that is where community happens.” -  Nature Canada 

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January 2018

" Help spread the word: #Vancouver based @climate_guides is recruiting mentors and mentees for their innovative program to connect youth with #ClimateAction. Check it out and get involved! Fostering the next generation of climate leaders is key"  - Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna


DeCember 2017

“Le fait que nos actions sur la côte ouest influencent la côte du Nord, ça m’a vraiment touchée, explique-t-elle. J’ai réalisé l’impact que nous avons et les initiatives positives qu’on peut avoir individuellement ou en groupe.”  -  Radio Canada Interview

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December 2017

“Je rêve d’un monde qui fera la transition vers l’énergie renouvelable. C’est le futur dont nous avons besoin.” - Caroline Merner, CBC Émission Phare Ouest

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“May 2017

“As kids, we’re in awe of nature. As we grow up, it’s our duty to protect it in the face of climate change."  -Caroline Merner, Nature Canada

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