Our Team


Caroline merner, Co-DirECTOR

Caroline is a passionate climate action engager. Caroline is the Co-Director of Climate Guides and works at Environment and Climate Change Canada in public engagement on climate change. She has engaged youth in conservation and climate change in her work with Ocean Wise, Parks Canada, Dalhousie Student Union, Canadian Committee for IUCN and Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Her background in conservation has taken her to the Arctic, Hawaii, Peru, Chile, Poland, and Banff, as a facilitator and international delegate. As graduate in Sustainability and International Development at Dalhousie University, Caroline’s thesis focused on effective climate communication. For her work, Caroline has been named Green Student of the Year by Dalhousie University, an inaugural Young Women for Nature by Nature Canada, and a Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalists by Starfish Canada. 

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Marina Melanidis, CO-DirecTOR

Marina Melanidis is a climate-actor, youth-engager, and change-maker from Richmond B.C. Marina is the Co-Director of Climate Guides and the Project Lead of Youth4Nature. Outside of advocating for youth, Marina is interested in how to pursue biodiversity conservation in the wake of climate change. She has worked on conservation and climate change at home with the provincial and federal government, abroad as a research exchange fellow in India, and with the United Nations as an intern with the UN Environment Programme. She has a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation from UBC, is a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholar, and a Students on Ice alumnus. Marina loves science fiction, good vegan food, and the BC coast.


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MiChal MArcis, Chief Of program

Michal is a visionary and enjoys working on projects that better the world. In Czech Republic, Michal studied Psychology and Sociology to understand behaviour change and how people interact in society. He was one of the founding members of a mentorship program with UNIFER, a professional development organization for students. Michal quickly discovered the benefits of a mentee-mentor platform, not just for a trusting relationship, but for greater society. His background in marketing helps propel ideas with good intention forward. His involvement in Climate Guides guarantees new ideas, forethought and constant creativity.  Michal is a morel mushroom connoisseur. Despite the fact that they need frequent forest fires to spawn, he hopes to help reverse this trend by creating a new generation of leaders towards change. 



Hailey is a self-described policy geek, young farmer, passionate environmentalist, and climate change actor. Hailey’s climate change research experience spans from being a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholar studying changing resource availability in India to a research assistant studying the effects of warming climate on Arctic vegetation at the University of British Columbia. Her background in environmental policy started with the B.C. Wildlife Federation and will continue with the B.C. Legislative Assembly starting in January 2019. She has a B.Sc. in Natural Resources Conservation from UBC and is hopeful to further her knowledge of climate change solutions at the post-graduate level in the near future.  Hailey loves low-waste living, rock climbing, and good (i.e. strong!) coffee. 



Emily is a Campaign Assistant for Youth4Nature, acting as the Regional Coordinator Lead and as the core liaison between Nature4Climate, Climate Guides and the United Nations Secretary General team. A Bachelor of Arts in International Development finalist at the University of Sussex, and with a variety of experience in civil society organisations and multi-sectoral projects, she is particularly interested in climate justice and political ecology. She is based at The Nature Conservancy's office in London, UK.