Our Story

 (c) Mike Sudoma/SOI Foundation

(c) Mike Sudoma/SOI Foundation



It all started...

        In early 2017, an idea was seeded about youth engagement in climate action. Caroline Merner nurtured this seed into a grant proposal to Nature Canada’s initiative Women For Nature. After securing funding and mentorship, she gathered support to help this project blossom.

        On a youth expedition led by Students on Ice to the Arctic in August 2017, Caroline met Marina Melanidis. They shared a passion to address climate change and would become Co-Directors.

         In the North, they saw Inuit resilience and landscapes impacted by climate change. Carter Hogalok Lear, a youth from Cambridge Bay, NU, shared how climate change impacts the North faster than any other region on the globe.

How are youth supported in innovating climate change solutions? How can youth find climate change careers?
— Marina Melanidis and Caroline Merner

          On the ship, elders, scientists, educators, and leaders offered guidance for bright ideas. Guidance and mentorships were reoccuring themes to elevate youth innovation in climate change. Thus, Climate Guides began.

          Since Marina and Caroline both live in Vancouver, it is an ideal spot for the first pilot mentorship program. They continued to gather support. In addition, advisors continue to join from across the country to grow the Climate Guides vision.

          Their goal is to equip our generation with skills, a mentor, financial support, and a network of passionate community members. The CG team hopes this platform will connect the country from coast to coast to coast and the globe in climate action.

           Thanks for joining the journey!