2019 Mentees

Anna Collingridge.JPG

Anna Collingridge

I am currently working as a Community Manager of a Coworking Space and spend a lot of my time there trying to implement zero waste schemes. Previously living in Revelstoke and London, I have worked in a variety of administrative, events and logistics roles for non-profits and in the entertainment industries. My efforts are now directed towards environmental protection and in particular I am interested in food waste, plastic pollution and active transportation. I am a keen explorer of the BC wilderness and love to camp, ski, hike and bike. I am excited to be a part of this program and develop some ideas towards fighting climate change.



Anuki Karunajeewa

Hi! My name is Anuki and I am a Resource and Environmental Management major and a Sociology minor at SFU going into my 4th year this fall. I’m a member of Embark at SFU in the social sustainability cohort and we spread awareness about climate change, diversity and inclusion and sustainability. I am Sri Lankan Canadian and 20 years old. I love hiking, one of my favourite hikes I’ve done was at lighthouse park. I also enjoy photography, I mainly do portraits but I also take photos of nature and landscapes.


Carmen Kim.JPEG

Carmen Kim

Carmen is a third year student studying Global Health and Nutrition at the University of British Columbia. Her passions lie in equity and justice and empowering marginalized communities from a grass roots level. Climate action has been a huge part of her interests and motivations throughout life, and in her career, Carmen hopes to combine health efforts in marginalized communities with provision of opportunities and incentive for sustainability activism to be undertaken by these community members. Her focus on climate action has been broadened to encompass the social and economic aspects through her coursework and participation in sustainability leadership programs on campus.


Frédérique Lafontaine.jpg

Frédérique Lafontaine

Currently pursuing an undergraduate in Anthropology. Having grown up in Vancouver, both in the city and exploring the Coast mountains, she has grown to be passionate about understanding the cities we live in and how we can make them better for those that live in them while also coexisting with our surrounding environment. Being an avid skier and climber has only furthered her passion for the environment and sustainability. By combining her outdoor experience with her studies in anthropology she hopes to use these connections to help to create a more sustainable future of our cities.


Fumika Noguchi.jpg

Fumika Noguchi

I am an undergraduate student studying urban forestry at the University of British Columbia. Raised in the North Shore for most of my life, the surrounding forests curated my interest in environmental protection. In my spare time, I enjoy activities such as ultimate frisbee, and trying my hand at gardening. My interest in environmental awareness developed throughout my secondary education, which eventually lead to my choice in studying urban forestry. I plan to expand my education on conservation and climate change, in hopes of a more environmentally friendly future.


Hannah Byrne.jpg

Hannah Byrne

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Hannah has been living in Vancouver since June 2018. She works as Senior Online Content Producer for an Irish youth information website. She is passionate about climate change and believes each and every one of us can make a difference by introducing small changes into our lives and talking about it with the people around us. She is excited to meet likeminded people and be part of the solution to climate change. Outside of work, Hannah spends a lot of time finding ways to live more sustainably and shares this journey on her website, byrnewithme.com.


Hedieh Shadiloo.jpg

Hedieh Shadiloo

Hi! My name is Hedieh and I am a recent graduate from SFU’s BSc in Health Sciences. My desire to participate in grassroots community initiatives has led me to coordinate a program on the North Shore called the Junior Youth Empowerment Program, which empowers youth ages 11 to 15 to contribute to the betterment of their neighbourhoods through community service projects and meaningful conversations. In my spare time I enjoy photography, outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends. I am very excited to be a part of Climate Guides and to participate in discourse about constructive solutions for the wellbeing of our planet.



Henrique Fernandes

Henrique Fernandes is a student of International Relations at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Originally from Brazil, he plans to focus his studies on international economy and global environmental politics to explore how Global North and Global South countries can collaborate on effective, robust, and fair climate action. Currently, he works for UBC Climate Hub and volunteers for the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC). This year he will also be going to UN negotiations about climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. He hopes his Brazilian background, combined with these experiences and the Mentorship Program, will provide him with a well-rounded view of climate justice. Henrique loves reading, running, and learning new languages.   



Jessica LI

Jessica is a rising senior at the University of British Columbia majoring in Chemistry. She has a keen interest in learning about how climate change intersects with issues of justice for vulnerable communities, and working with a team to develop possible solutions. At UBC, she has been involved with C350 — a climate action group that advocates for fossil fuel divestment — and GreenChem UBC. Outside of school, Jessica enjoys hiking and drinking coffee.


Laura Chen (1).JPG

Laura Chen

Laura is a student enrolled in the Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) program at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about sustainable development and she is intrigued at how economic policy and market-based solutions can play an important role in reconciling environmental justice issues. She is currently doing research on climate policy at the Centre for Social Innovation and Impact Investing at Sauder (S3i) and UBC Sustainability Initiative. She is also an Assistant Policy Analyst on global climate change policies for BCCIC and is a part of their delegation to SB-50 (UN Climate Change Intersessional), representing British Columbian youth on the world stage.

Logan Cairns Bio.jpg

Logan Cairns

Logan Cairns hails from Auckland, New Zealand and moved to Canada to pursuit his career in Landscape Architecture. It was Logan’s background in art and design, coupled with his passion for the outdoors, that inspired the pursuit of a degree in Landscape Architecture and further into Permaculture. Logan is a passionate designer with an ever-growing interest in sustainability and resilience. Being inspired by urban gardening initiatives around Vancouver, Logan holds a passion for local food systems and the impact they have to help combat climate change as well as fostering resiliency within communities. Logan has a solution focused way of thinking. He strives to provide practical and empowering means of addressing environmental, social and economic issues.


Matan Guttmann.jpg

Matan Guttmann

I am Studying Engineering Physics at UBC where I have been focusing of physical oceanography and alternative energy systems. I am super excited to be mentee in the Climate Guides mentorship program and I look forward to working with others in the cohort.



Rajdeep Dhaliwal

Rajdeep Kaur Dhaliwal was born to Jagtar Singh and Manjit Kaur Dhaliwal, who are immigrants to the unceded territory commonly referred to as Canada. Rajdeep is second generation Canadian. Growing up in Queensborough, New Westminster, Rajdeep was very involved in sports and in high school her passions of social activism were ignited. After graduation in 2013, she pursued education at Capilano University, then at Langara College in 2015. In 2018, she transferred to the University of British Columbia. Currently Rajdeep is studying Geography with a concentration on Environment and Sustainability. Her passions lie in the arts, social justice and health in the Anthropocene.


Rimi Plaha.png

Rimi Plaha

Rimi’s passion for nature and science has guided her to pursue a career in environmental engineering. Rimi graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering and enthusiastically began working in the contaminated sites and remediation field as an Engineer-in-Training. Alongside learning how to live a little more sustainably every day, Rimi enjoys thrifting, painting and working on do-it-yourself projects. She feels energized by spending time outdoors, and dreams of a reality in which the natural environment and vital ecosystems have been well preserved.

Shayna MacTaggart.jpeg

Shayna MacTaggart

I’m Shayna MacTaggart! I was born in Regina, SK and lived there until I started my undergrad at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where I just completed my third year of BSc. with Specialization in  Atmospheric Science. After my degree, I am interested in going to grad school to become involved in climate research. This summer I’m in Vancouver working as a research assistant at UBC studying mixing rates in the Arctic Ocean. In my free time, I love biking, hiking, climbing, yoga, piano, reading and being in the outdoors!


Tiffany Mak.jpg

Tiffany Mak

Tiffany Mak is entering her third year as a Global Resource Systems student at the University of British Columbia. Her studies focus on environmental sciences and marine conservation. Aside from school, Tiffany spends her time volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium as a Gallery Educator and as an Animal Husbandry Assistant. When she is not drinking bubble tea or coffee, she enjoys taking photos, knitting and staying up to date on social media. Having grown up in Metro Vancouver, Tiffany has had the pleasure of being surrounded by nature and hopes to preserve it and the wildlife within it.   


Zoe Beynon-MacKinnon.jpg

Zoe Beynon-MacKinnon

Zoe is a proud plant mama and cycling enthusiast. Having graduated last spring with a BA in Sustainability, Political Science and Economics from Dalhousie University, Zoe is currently completing her Master’s in Political Science at UBC. Zoe’s research focuses on food and agriculture policy – specifically the impacts that both have on environmental and human health. Moving forward, Zoe hopes to incorporate this work with her past research on social media and online social networks. Combined with her experience organizing community gardens and citizen activism, Zoe hopes to expand the discourse regarding food justice, environmental stewardship and human wellbeing.