Bella Margolles

Bella completed a degree in Psychology and recently made a shift into the field of User Experience Design. She has always been interested in sustainability and waste reduction, but never knew how to make a difference beyond changing personal habits and her mindset on consumerism. When she ventured into the Technology industry, Bella realized that technology has a unique way of reaching and influencing a broader audience. Now, she aims to leverage her experience in designing digital products to create something that will empower others to hold themselves, and their community members, accountable for making smart, sustainable decisions.



Grace Nosek

Grace Nosek is currently pursuing her PhD in law at the University of British Columbia, studying how to use law to protect climate change science from manufactured doubt. She is fascinated by the intersection of law and story and focuses her research on how law can tell better stories in the pursuit of environmental and social justice. She holds a B.A. from Rice University and law degrees from Harvard Law School and the University of British Columbia. While pursuing her PhD, she is an active member of the Environmental Law Group and the UBC Sustainability Collective—a coalition of student groups coming together from across UBC to advocate for climate justice on campus and beyond. After law school, Grace completed a Fulbright fellowship in Victoria, Canada, studying government review of major natural resource development projects. To engage a broader audience on environmental and social justice issues, Grace has written and published two novels in a young adult eco-fantasy series, the Ava of the Gaia series.



Paul Takayesu

Paul is a civil engineering graduate from McGill University who focused on water resources and environmental engineering in his studies. Throughout his degree, and during his formative years, he felt a burning desire to impact the world positively. As he continues to learn and grow, he becomes increasingly aware of the role that engineers play in safeguarding our natural resources, our health and ultimately, our future.  However, he is constantly learning and thus searching for his individual role in this global effort towards achieving sustainable development. Much like his own career trajectory, the complete effects of climate change remain hard to predict. This makes it that much more interesting and challenging for Paul to consider from an engineering perspective. As such, he enjoys solving problems, learning new skills, and he often finds inspiration from the people around him.