Home stretch - Day 11 & 12

Day 11 (111 km )

It was probably the most interesting day of our journey. A mellow morning and tasty breakfast in the amazing cathedral-like red woods held us at camp for a little longer than planned. The camp was full of bikers, biking across Americas and even around the world. No matter the load, destinations or motivation, it felt as though we are one big community. After a nice morning at our campsite, David accompanied us for the warm up bike ride down the Avenue of Giants.

Shortly after, we rolled out on our ‘favorite’ US 101, where we’ve continued to meet other bikers as we head south. The sharp sun toasted us for a couple of hours until we rode past a hidden lagoon in the river below us. We took a refreshing bath. No more than two or three turns later, the US 1 highway appeared in front of us. It is a perfect road for cyclists. The course of our route has changed once again, now heading towards the coast. However, the hills are in the way and so we begin the long climbs, and downhills, and climbs… an amazing route indeed. Biking down the winding forest roads, we noticed a rapid temperature drop. Sweating like crazy just 15 minutes before at 30°C, suddenly my shivering body and freezing cold hands suggest that something has changed. It was a whole new experience. The sun had disappeared, now 12°C and the forest in a deep mist.

The surrounding nature changed as quickly as the weather did. We took a short break to layer up and we joined by Canadian fellow cyclists, Dean and Mike. Unlike us, they are fully loaded carrying everything on their bikes. It reminds us how privileged our bike trip is, thanks to David who’s driving all the way from Canada to San Francisco with us. I tried Mike’s bike earlier and I can confirm it was very heavy. Humbled by our bike lads, we overcome the last climbs. Out of nowhere, the Pacific Ocean spread out in front of us – astonishing panorama. Waves crashed powerfully into the cliffs below, yet it revived peace in our minds. A couple more kilometers on a winding coastal road and we found David in an improvised camp site nearby the ocean. Off to bed quite early tonight as the night turned colder. Looking back on today’s ride, we met many inspiring people and the changing landscapes could make one speechless.

Day 12 (62km)

In contrast to yesterday, today was a very strange day. Starting off quite late, even though the weather was not pleasant at all. After 40km bike ride, we stopped in Fort Bragg, realizing that there were a bunch of tasks waiting for us to be figured out before the Global Climate Action Summit, which starts this Saturday. The plans have changed again. Instead of the planned bike ride, we’re taking an office day at a fast food chain to get wifi… Everything was set at nearly 5pm and so we biked only 20 more kilometers to the nearest campsite. At least, we have time to enjoy the evening, finish the blog, and most importantly, Caroline met the cutest puppy she has ever seen in her life. No matter the break today, we can sense the gates of San Fran that is less than 360km away. Last two days of biking on the hilly coasts of California are ahead of us! 

Simon & the Climate Guides cycling team

Caroline Merner