We reached 1000km! Day 8, 9 & 10

The whole team riding together on Day 10! 

The whole team riding together on Day 10! 

The past three days have been the most beautiful, yet most tough biking yet. It’s been full steam ahead to reach San Francisco and the countdown is on! Our target arrival date is September 8th for the Peoples’ Climate March. Thousands will gather to “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice”. Hope we can make it!

Quick #s: Day 8 (Friday) – 145km, Day 9 (Saturday) – 170km, Day 10 (Sunday)– 141km. Maximum downhill speed: 75km/hr. We’ve reached 1000km!

On Day 8, (day 7 of cycling) we cruised along the Oregon Coast Biking Route. The weekend day meant fewer semi-trucks on the highway, making the coastal route even more enjoyable. We saw the most stunning islands, capes, and rock formations jutting out of the ocean. The ocean winds feel like they could scoop your bike from underneath you, but luckily they didn’t. The Labour Day weekend is one of the busiest camping weekends of the year, so we booked ahead and settled into our Indian Creek campground nice and early at 5pm.

On Day 9, I woke us as a 23-year-old! First thing I did was call my twin sister Elisabeth to wish her happy birthday. My dad, Michal and Simon made a sweet breakfast and we were on the road again at 9am aiming for 125km. We crossed into California and hit our next milestone of 1000km, including our biggest hills yet in the Redwoods National Park. The redwoods grow for thousands of years and tower majestically over the road, distracting us from the road in the best way. The campsite we were aiming for was full so we had to tack on 45km to the reach next one, reaching our longest day of 170km. My dad met us 15km before the end at a local diner, so we enjoyed a birthday milkshake. Michal and Simon pressed on in the sunset. At the campsite, I blew out the candles my dad propped up on the drinks box. Memorable birthday for sure!

On Day 10, we had another hilly day! We rode through the most beautiful sequoia trees the width of cars and took bumpy farmland side roads. In the town of Eureka, we celebrated yesterday’s 1000km milestone with ice cream. It had been four days of no flat tires. The odds were too good to be true. So, Simon got a flat in the afternoon. Two highlights of the day were on the Avenue of the Giants. We biked by a popular farm stand and folks shouted “come get a blackberry popsicle”! We turned around and another cyclist had bought us each one and asked about Climate Guides. So kind! Then, my dad met us, by bike! We rode for an hour weaving through the redwood giants to find our campsite among them. Dozens of self-propelled cyclists (not supported by car like us) camped here are on journeys around the world. Very inspiring to see.

The next day holds the biggest hill yet… will keep you posted! 

Caroline & the Climate Guides cycling team

Caroline Merner