What a week! Day 5, 6 & 7


Day 5  (29.8. 126km)

A very chilly morning at the Whalen Island campsite swarming with thousands of mosquitoes - we were convinced to head to a cozy local breakfast place in the nearby town. This was the latest departure time, as we sat on our bikes at around 11 am. After a couple of kilometers, the sun showed up to support us in a long bike ride. Today’s decision to take little detours from the US 101 was greatly rewarding. The scenic rides through the rainforests and by the coast cliffs made our day. By the time we arrived to the Beachside campground, our teammate David has set up the campsite. He’s being a great supporter of ours. And…. zero punctures today!

Day 6  (30.8. 145km)

The weather is against us once again. Rainy morning pushed us to get moving quite early, while we pedaled by misty beaches. In fact, we could not see much today. Busy roads on a cold day, lots of long climbs, and an accident where Caroline bumped into traffic cones and broke her helmet. They were, fortunately, rubber ones. We got off the US 101 in the last few kilometers after a quick stop to a bike shop to buy a new helmet. By the way, the previous bike store also sold guitars and skateboards. Diversity is important. Good to see that we all think the same. After a long day of hard biking and rethinking why we are doing all this, we arrived to our campsite at the Sunset Bay Park. Exhausted, but happy to sit by the fire enjoying a tasty omelette a la Michal, we chat about the meaning of diversity in life referring to carbon and politics.

Day 7  (31.8. 0km)

Yes, zero kilometers for today. It’s a rest day! Actually, we moved from current campground and thus, we biked. This was a chance for David to bike his first miles in US, and why not twice in row. With the new basecamp settled, we headed off to town. Today’s tasks include laundry, grocery shopping, and uploading the blog that you’re reading right now. Looking forward to enter the state of California in next two days.

Simon and the Climate Guides cycling team

Michal Marcis