Recap: Day 3 & 4

On our third day, we finally had sunny weather. We saw the ocean for the first time since leaving Port Angeles. The highlight of the day was crossing Astoria-Megler bridge from Washington to Oregon. It is over six kilometers long with no shoulders on the side of the road. It was the biggest bridge any of us had biked on. We ended the day buying local rum to celebrate our arrival in Oregon. 

That night, we stayed at the Sunset Lake RV campground. True to its name, the sunset was very beautiful, but the facilities not so much. We’ll try to stay at state campgrounds, as they are the winner in price and quality value.

On Day 4, it was another nice day outside. In less than 30 km, we stopped at beautiful Cannon Beach. What a magical place! 

Today’s course wasn’t very hilly, so we expected to do many kilometers. Instead, we could not resist stopping at the Tillamook Creamery. There, we got free samples, not free hamburgers (grilled cheese for Caroline) and free HUGE ice cream! Canadian credit card didn’t work and they felt bad that we waited in the line for about 20 minutes. Long story short, we arrived at our campground at 9pm and only did 132km. Today we reached 500km and we've been keeping up our two flats a day... 

More updates to come! 

Michal & the Climate Guides cycling team

Michal Marcis