It's About Our Health: The Real Impacts of Climate Change

“It's About Our Health: The Real Impacts of Climate Change”
By Celia Walker

What do you think about when you think of climate change? Is it human health? It should be!

The World Health Organization says that climate change is the greatest global health threat of the 21st century. Surprised? Well it makes sense when you think about it! We have been interviewing Canadian physicians on their perspectives on climate change and human health and what we have found is that climate change is currently having health implications on Canadians, dramatic health effects on the worlds most vulnerable, and is only expected to get worse as we carry on with this "business as usual” fossil fuel driven economy.

When climate change is framed as a health issue, rather than simply an environmental issue or an economic or technological challenge, it becomes clear that we are facing a predicament that strikes at the heart of humanity. However, the complex relationship between human health and the health of our planet is often missed or misunderstood from the public to the policy level of decision making. The relationship between the changing climate and our health is complex but because health is something we can all relate to, perhaps understanding that this relationship exists can provide a unifying key to get people on the same page when it comes to talking about climate action.

Perhaps by putting a human face on climate change.. a challenge that can at times feel incredibly distant from our daily lives... it makes this issue we are all facing a deeply personal one.

Also watch “It’s About Our Health: The Real Impacts of Climate Change” on YouTube.

Caroline Merner