Welcome to Climate Guides!

Hello established and aspiring climate leaders! Welcome to Climate Guides!

Let us introduce ourselves: our names are Caroline and Marina.

     We met in Vancouver, weeks before we participated in a life-changing expedition to the High Arctic with Students on Ice, an organization that hosts ship-based educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica. We quickly discovered that we shared a mutual passion for finding solutions to climate change. Driven by the inspiration of the North, and encouraged by the tools the Students on Ice team provides to its alumni, including a network of peers and professionals and the opportunity to apply for grants, we decided to take action and began putting together Climate Guides.

     So what is Climate Guides? It is a hands-on mentorship program designed to support youth in our community who want to get involved in developing climate change solutions. It works by bringing youth participants and mentors together during a one-day Summit, where they gain inspiration to create change and develop some skills necessary to do so. After the Summit, youth and mentor pairs work together to implement a small project, providing the youth with hands-on experience in a given climate-change related field, and providing the mentor with valuable leadership experience and the opportunity to help shape a young person’s career.

     Climate Guides stemmed from our passion for global climate action and underlines the importance of guidance in a career path addressing climate change. Our vision is to build a network of young climate leaders and established professionals that will inspire hope and opportunity, a stark contrast to the gloomy and hopeless discourse that often accompanies discussions about climate change. By providing young people with tangible experience and connections to a network of engaged mentors and other like-minded youth, we believe that we can move one step closer to building a future where climate change is being directly communicated, mitigated, and adapted to.

     This will be the pilot year of Climate Guides, and we are so excited to meet our first cohort of participants and mentors. Be sure to keep up to date with this website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will be regularly posting updates about the program and information about how you can get involved. Applications will open up on January 22nd - mark your calendars!

All the best,

Marina and Caroline


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